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the Purpose of the group is to identify, build on and foster economic, community, recreation and cultural  and development opportunities for the people of the Circular Head region.

Presidents Report  -November 2016

Once again I would like to thank committee members for their support over the last 12 months and also to Karlette Perry our administration officer for the work she has done especially in building up our membership which i believe now stands at 77 businesses with over 700 employees.

As President of the Progress Group I am also involved with the Tas. Irrigation scheme for Circular Head which is fully allocated for water entitlements for this first stage.

I am also involved with a group looking to improve the image of dairy in Circular Head with much focus in involving schools in our region as we feel this is where the change needs to start by educating and changing attitudes and showing our youth the career path opportunities that agriculture can offer.

Murchison 2040 is a vision of where we would like our community to be in 25 years time. It is combined vision of Circular Head and our surrounding councils that make up the Murchison electorate. Members of the Progress Group and Council have attended several meetings with these other councils where we have put forward our views for the region.My personal priority was for the Bass Hwy to be upgraded from Detention to Black River and for a start to be made on the sealing of the Western Explorer to create a tourist route through Circular Head and on down to the West Coast.

I am part of a group initiated by the Cradle Coast NRM to look at ways of controlling farm runoff especially during times of high rainfall which is having a detrimental effect on oyster farmers in our region. It is a complex issue but at least with stakeholders talking over the problem a satisfactory solution can evolve.

Finding suitable building blocks for people wanting to spend substantial money on new homes has been raised to the group, especially coastal or blocks with sea views. we convened a meeting with local real estate agents and from that meeting we have initiated discussions with some property owners with the view to potentially apply for rezoning.

For those members who came to our Christmas breakfast late last year we were in for a real treat. Guest speaker Mark Littler, General Manager of Betta Milk Co-operative and Hellyers Rd Distillery. Many did not know that both companies are still owned by the original founding dairy farmers or their families. He gave a full run down on both businesses and his involvement in them. A single more passionate man for both industries would be hard to find. He brought samples of their single malt whiskey and showed us how to taste them. Straight whiskey at 8am might not be every ones liking but Mark made it a pleasant experience.

Our work in trying to expand the pasture base in Circular Head is ongoing. we have met with relevant Ministers and department heads and whilst they can appreciate that under performing government land could be put to better economic and social use especially where it adjoins existing private dairy or beef farms; the R.F.A. and the Permanent Forest Estate legislation castes a cloud over that which we are trying to achieve. Progress with plantation timber owners has been steadier and more positive but am unable to comment any further at this time.

Circular Head is home to some of Australia’s finest produce but our region receives no recognition for it. Tasmania as a whole accepts recognition for this high quality produce. We feel we are lacking a regional brand, an umbrella as it were for these producers to come under. This new regional brand will give us a point of difference and will show Tasmanian’s and even mainland Australians where we are and what we are about. a website is being put together to showcase these producers and a launch for this new regional brand will be in the near future.

In January V.D.L. was sold to Mr Lu Xianfeng subject to approval from the foreign Investment Review Board. Ms Jan Cameron put in a counter offer and proceeded to drum up support from some independent Senators to thwart Moonlake Investments bid. This rang alarm bells and after what she had done to the southern forest industry by closing down the Triabunna mill one could only imagine what she might do to Woolnorth. The closure of the Chicken Feed stores was still fresh in our minds as well. As President of the Progress Group I felt someone had to stand up for our community and immediately sent out a media statement not welcoming her investment in Circular Head and warning the banks and other would be investors about the potential for a community backlash. She was on Sydney radio trying to gather support but the real support she needed was from the local community and this I felt she did not nor would ever have.

This media release was reported in the Chronicle, the Advocate, the Mercury, the Examiner and the Tas Country as well as the radio interview on 7BU/AD.

I also sent a letter to the Foreign Investment Review Board, then Minister Hon Scott Morrison reminding him that VDL had always been owned by overseas interests and not to be influenced by Ms Cameron’s badly conceived premise that land and other assets should only be owned by Australians. I mentioned her record of acquiring proprty only to lock up and limit growth the opposite to what our community needs.

I would finally like to thank the Business Group committee for the work they do in promoting small business and retail in Circular Head.


John McNab




For further information please contact   E: info@chprogress.org.au or M: 0448 484 646